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    Originally posted by justafan View Post

    Would you like to explain? What did Josh do to Anna?
    I'm sure Josh didn't do anything to Anna. They exasperated one another a bit, I imagine.


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      Originally posted by Peony View Post

      I'm sure Josh didn't do anything to Anna. They exasperated one another a bit, I imagine.
      Well, weren't there reports, that Josh and Anna had some problems with each other during S3? That explains why Anna´s interviews after S3 were so weird:

      That bitterness when she´s talking about Peter& heartache etc. - poor J.Noble even had to interrup her.

      She called Peter&Olivia relationship "a shit show", huh.

      I´ve never seen a professional actress being so personal, emotional, bitter- in other words so unprofessional - about a fictional character (Peter) and a fictional relationship (POlivia). So, what was the reason, what did Josh do to her?

      You might be right that Josh exasperated her. But it seems he exasperated her so much that she couldn´t even control her negative emotions during interviews. Many fans were puzzled by it.
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        Once the writers began to create artificial barriers between Peter and Olivia and just teased the audience (having them kiss in the truck only to have, Olivia get kidnapped, then return, but Peter decides he has to leave town for Olivia's own good), Josh was vocal about his disdain for what was happening to the plot as well. I remember him going off at a panel. Anna wasn't there. I think she was filming something in Australia.

        Josh can be curious. Remember when he became angry with an emcee for discussing Peter's sex life with both Olivias. Discussing it in his trailer (and famous pea coat) later, Josh seemed embarrassed by the question, simply because Anna was there. As you say, it was fictional, after all. Diane happened to be in the audience for that panel, too. He mimicked her reading a magazine distractedly during the Q & A session, but looking up when those sex questions arose. It's not like there wasn't plenty of sex in her movies and The Bridge.


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          Heh. I don't find anything exceptional in those clips of Anna. Her behavior appears appropriate to a character discussion.


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            Well, then you´re a rare exception LOL, because many Fringe fans - especially JJ´s fans- were insulted by the "shit show" comments.

            One of the moderators of JJ´s fanforum was at Paley Q&A with Noble and Torv in May 2011 and reported how annoying Torv´s behavior was, when AT "gushed unabashedly" about Seth/Lincoln but refused to talk about Josh:


            AT is otherwise always professional and respectful, and that´s why those rude comments and behavior were so strange.


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              I don’t think either of them were happy with the direction of the relationship plot, and both said so publicly. That’s all I see here.


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                I don't believe there was a mysterious, underlying personal drama unfolding. For me, the most I suspect is that they sometimes annoyed one another. No hate, no love. Professional respect, with a sprinkle of irritation thrown in.


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                  Same. I don’t think they were close, but you don’t need to be to work together. I think they were just different people and didn’t click. I didn’t think there was a grand personal drama happening behind the scenes either.


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                    That’s how I always saw it as well. Two very different approaches to the job, coupled with a dislike over the direction of the plot. They both remained professional to the end though. A lot of the speculation was just fan wishful-thinking imo.


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                      The BTS drama during and after S3 was confirmed by Fringe crew after the show was over.

                      Yes, fans speculated that Josh was sleeping with freshly divorced Anna during the filming and then dumped her, and that´s why Anna was so hostile toward Josh/Peter/romance after S3.

                      True, you don´t need to be close to work together - just like you don´t need to be close to have casual sex or an affair. As said before, Josh and Diane were living separately for years and apparetly were never faithful to each other.
                      If DK was sleeping on set with a co-star, it won´t be surprising if Josh did the same.

                      Peony, I think not the moderator started that awkward sex-talk at SDCC 2010, but Pinkner and Wyman:


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                        As far as I know, the crew didn't confirm anything about their relationship, working or otherwise. There was a post online after the show ended from someone saying they didn’t get along.

                        But yes, wishful fandom thinking played a big factor, agreed. Coupled with a lot of dislike for Diane. It’s certainly a more exciting back story than “they got on each other’s nerves but had a professional relationship”.


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                          Yes, that would have to have been a very secret crew confirmation. There was that post saying they did not especially like each other (at least not eventually), but were both professionals.

                          And from what I saw, Anna was not especially hostile towards Josh. At most they ignored or avoided each other, but not in a particularly hostile way. It was more like, I'd rather sit next to John than next to you or "Why are you cursing during this interview" and he'd go, "This is a cable station. This interview is not being broadcast." They were sniping like old married people more than like jilted lovers.


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                            Originally posted by Bluenoser View Post
                            As far as I know, the crew didn't confirm anything about their relationship, working or otherwise. There was a post online after the show ended from someone saying they didn’t get along

                            A technician from Fringe will be doing an AMA Friday at 7pm Western US time.
                            Reddit user /u/yummypeanutjelly, who was a member of the production crew for Fringe, will be doing an AMA tomorrow night. Please remember that they were a technician, and not able to answer many questions about the actors, so don't be disappointed when they don't know Anna Torv's favorite pokemon.


                            Did the actors think it was time for the show to end ?

                            You know honestly I don't know, I can tell you that Jasika is super nice, as is Mr. Noble, and Anna. Joshua is a bit of a pre madonna IMO, him and Anna did NOT get along, which surprisingly you cannot tell at all by watching the show. Did didn't speak, or even look at each other off the camera.

                            That's a shocker! Any ideas why?

                            From my understand it was just power trips, and Joshua thought her acting was piss poor. I can't vouch for the truth in that comment, it is simply what I heard rumoured around the set.

                            Actually, you will hear the opposite of this from other people who worked on the set daily. Also, watch some of the filming from fans. You can see they get along fine. Might not be the best of friends, but professional and courteous. Some have said their preparation and approach is just different which makes it appear they don't get along.


                            A stylist at my old work did Anna's hair when she was in Vancouver (And Georgina's). I'm sure Anna worded this more professionally, but my coworker said she was told her and Josh did not get along.

                            Well, fans don't come to set very often, and on the rare occasion when they did, notices would be handed out so that everyone was on their best behaviour. During season 3 was when their fights were at their peak, when called to set to shoot, they would each take their time, to make the other one wait. But who knows, maybe all that I heard and my observations were wrong, and you are correct, one can never know for sure. But I've also heard that Joshua would complain to Directors that he isn't being treat like the real start that he is, struck me as very entitled, but that is to be expected with the majority of child stars.
                            The crew member removed his comments (nobody knows why), but a couple of Fringe fan sites still have the transcript of this conversation.

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                              Yes, that’s what I was referring to. We don’t know who those people are, everyone has a pseudonym. And frankly, I would be surprised a crew member would say those things. I’ve worked in tv and film, and the #1 rule is what happens on set, stays on set.

                              Anyhoo, I’m not interested in trying to convince anyone, just stating my opinion.


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                                The way Josh is described, I wouldn't think Anna would want to have an affair with him. Or was she hot for him at first and then discovered he was a prima donna after he dumped her? After jumping in and out of marriage to Mark Valley she should have been good and tired by the time she got to Josh.

                                I don't know if it's child stardom that gives Josh an ego or just the idea that he believes himself to be smarter than the average bear. The Fringe producers seemed to cater to him.

                                Sarah Treem made a comment about talking to Maura, who was disappointed in her S1 story and felt that it wasn't what had been promised to her when she signed on. Treem promised to work on Helen and she did. Treem also discussed exchanged with the other actors, but when it came to Josh she said, basically, he tells her what he wants. It def sounded as if he asserted his preferences.